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“Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.”

George Bernard Shaw

Welcome to Home Clean Care!

Our goal is to thoroughly research the various factors that revolve around the product and present this content in a clear and complete way for consumers.

We intend for consumers to be accurately informed of the various products or services that they can find in the market so that they can do it right in their purchases.

What is the main purpose of home clean care – About Us?

The main purpose is to share some informative posts related to home cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, indoor and outdoor cleaning. The main theme is to share contents which are relevant with Cleaning and Featuring some related products.

We research the best Home Cleaning Products in the Market and Grab information from Amazon and write a Detailed Article on some Product Reviews. If our visitors like the product by reading the whole content, they buy it from Amazon.com and we do get a little commission. It helps us to write more interesting home cleaning facts and reviewing the best of the best products.

Who is the owner or founder of home clean care?

Ilias Sami is the Owner of Home Clean Care.

About The Owner – Ilias Sami (Owner and Founder of Home Clean Care)

Ilias Sami the Owner of Home Clean Care - homecleancare.com, Ilias Sami
Ilias Sami the Owner of Home Clean Care – homecleancare.com

Story of Ilias Sami

Everyone, take my cordial greetings. This is Ilias Sami from Dhaka Polytechnic Institute – Department of Computer Science and Technology.

From the very beginning, I was so much interested in Technology, Science and Computers. My parents helped me on this long journey.

On October 29, 2011, when I was a Grade 1 student my Father – Imrul Kayes Brought a Desktop PC for me. And I was lucky that it was my Birthday Gift from him.

Before that, I was admitted to a Computer Training centre for getting enough knowledge about computer, computer basic operations, application, games and some other kinds of stuff.

My interest in computer technology and getting proper knowledge about what is happening in the core section of a computer system was growing in my mind from that time.

Over the years, I have learned new things, Gained Knowledge about New techs, computers, smartphones, android systems, websites and other things. Googling and researching new Data was my main Job at that time.

What Ilias Sami Doing Now?

You will be Glad To Know that, I am a Student at Creative IT Institute. I have completed my Digital Marketing Course from Creative IT. My batch number is DM-2111.

Now I’m working as a Digital Marketing Specialist and SEO Expert at Different Market Places like Fiverr, Legiit, Kwork and others. Also, I am working as a Full-Time SEO Team Leader and Content Marketer at আলাদা বই, Alada Bazar, alglimited.com and Dollarxbd

Also, I am the Founder of this website HomeCleanCare.com, theofficeproduct.com and muktokosh.com – মুক্ত কোষ. I have successfully completed more than 30 orders in those marketplaces and have more than 23 – Five Star Ratings from Clients.

Also, I am the Assistant Polytechnic Team Manager at ICT Olympiad Bangladesh.

Thanks for knowing about me.


Ilias Sami

Who is Koushik Ahmed Turjo?

Koushik Ahmed Turjo is the Owner of Home Clean Care.

All About Koushik Ahmed Turjo

Koushik Ahmed Turjo the owner of Home Clean Care and The Kitchen KW
Koushik Ahmed Turjo
The Owner of Home Clean Care.

I am Koushik Ahmed Turjo. Now, I am Studying in Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX). Also, I am The Founder and CEO of TheKitchenKW.com also I am the Owner of Home Clean Care. I have built this site for doing Affiliation of Amazon Products. Because, I have interests on Home Cleaning and Cleaning products and basic guidelines to the visitors. Also, I am a Content Writer and a Full Time SEO Expert.

As well as, I am working as a SEO Expert and Content Writer in Legiit.com and Fiverr. And, I have completed more than 20 orders. Also, got 5 star rating on all of them. My future planning is to grow homecleancare.com as well as the thekitchenkw.com. And I wan to make decent amount of money from these affiliate websites.

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