How To Clean Dusty Concrete Basement Floor

How To Clean Dusty Concrete Basement Floor: An Easy Step

Knowing How to clean a dusty concrete basement floor is mandatory if you have a concrete made basement and always want to keep it neat and clean! You might already know cleaning a concrete basement floor is problematic. These floors are usually covered in thick dust and dirt that becomes muddy or cake-like with time. 

The reason for this is that there are no air vents for the basement, which means that the floors never get properly aired out or cleaned. This will result in a thick layer of dust covering every inch of the floor. So it needs to clean frequently to avoid the mud or cake formation over it on time!

However, If you have a basement and you’re looking for some easy ways to keep it tidy and clean, here are some simple steps that are guaranteed to help you a lot.

Why does my basement get so dusty?

It is because you rarely go to your basement! And your basement is poorly ventilated, and it roughly dumps too. So when any people do not enter any room for an extended period, what usually happens there? The basement floor becomes so dusty it takes a couple of hours to clean. 

Similarly, a basement is also alike, as people do not enter here regularly, and moisture also does not pass here appropriately; therefore, it becomes dump and dusty. The poor ventilation and the dump environment make a perfect environment in your basement for dust formulation. Simply less your walk onto your basement as a result, higher the scope of dust formulation over there.

Why Clean Your Basement Floor?

Why Clean Your Basement Floor

The factual matter is that your basement is one of your home’s dirtiest and overlooked parts. You or me, everyone, usually neglects this area as it is placed under some rooms and where we can’t access within one or two minutes. Interestingly we tend to clean the basement only when we need to organize a party in our home, or only when we get a phone call from your nearby police that your neighbors are complaining about a foul odor coming out from your basement.

So why do you need to clean your basement floor? As you are busy through your whole day and night, we still suggest you clean your basement; why? Because it needs to be clean! 

A dirty basement floor creates an unhealthy space for living and storing things. Your family doesn’t want to play on it, and your clothes don’t want to hang near it. It smells like dirty laundry, and if water seeps into the basement floor, there is a chance to sleep over there when you make a hurry to enter or exit from here.

Besides this, If you have a basement and don’t clean your floor regularly, you invite pests, mold, and mildew to take over the area. If you have a basement and don’t clean your floor regularly, you invite pests, mold, and mildew to take over the place. 

If all these are not enough reasons to make you convince to clean your basement floor – then consider these additional reasons:

  • You can sell your home quicker if you have a nice, organized, tidy and clean basement without any stubborn dust spot.
  • You can improve the resale value of your home by $5k-10k (on and around) if your basement has a good condition!

Why choose a concrete floor for the basement? Does this floor need extra cleaning?

It is no secret that, in general, concrete is an excellent choice for a basement. Concrete floors are among the most substantial types of construction and are most resistant to moisture. Safety is also an important consideration. This floor is the safest type of floor for a basement, preventing you from falling into the foundation. Many people who have built basements choose to use concrete for these reasons and more. 

However, does this floor need additional cleaning? A concrete base needs minimal cleaning if you regularly focus on it. The only time a concrete basement might need some attention is when exposed to pooled liquids or dry spills.

All dry spills should be wiped up quickly, and liquid pools should be soaked up with a dry absorbent cloth right away. The best way to clean this floor is with a powerful steam cleaner and a mop, but it may require additional cleaning to avoid stains. Concrete floors are very prone to staining and therefore need extra care. 

A good mop for a concrete base is the PUL Mop, which is designed to clean the concrete without soaking it into the pores of the floor and causing discoloration. The PUL Mop has an acrylic coating that is water-resistant and prevents stains from penetrating the surface.

A higher-grade cleaner will also be necessary, such as Arm & Hammer Spray and so on.

List of materials and equipment for concrete floor cleaning:

We provide a list of the materials and equipment needed for cleaning the concrete flooring. one more thing I would like to add here is all possible materials and equipment to clean the floor of your basement. 

You don’t need to take all those from my said list for the cleaning purpose, rather than some selective option from my list also could give you an effective concrete basement cleaning depending on the dusty status of it.

  • Pressure washer (optional)
  • Vacuum
  • A sturdy ladder that can be used to reach high spots
  • Hand broom or mop (both dry mop and wet mop)
  • Bucket to hold water
  • Sponge mop or scrub brush/A nylon-bristled brush
  • Paint scraper or steel wool pad
  • Cornstarch or dish soap (to clean tough stains)
  • Tarp to lay the wet floor down on and dry it
  • Soft cloths or sponges
  • Floor scrubber
  • Large Bucket to hold the water
  • Clean water
  • Warm water
  • Concrete cleaning solution
  • ph neutral floor cleaner/neutral stone cleaner (to remove the heavy stony stain)
  • ph neutral stone cleaners (optional)
  • Concrete floor cleaner
  • Refillable vacuum
  • Floor scouring brush
  • Scraper/stiff nylon brush
  • mild cleaner like washing soda or mild dish wash soaps
  • Trisodium phosphate (TSP)
  • Floating sponge
  • Ammonia, bleaching powder
  • An acid etch sealant

Best way to clean concrete basement floor:

video credit: Helpful DIY

Now we have come to our main point. The possible best way to clean a heavy floor of any basement. The fact is before knowing the cleaning process, let me clear you one more thing. The more you will clean the basement, obviously will be best for it. But to retain the internal environment clean and odor-free, you have to ensure proper ventilation at first.

Prepare The Floor:

The first step is preparing the floor to clean. If there is any heavy storage item, move it for more cleaning efficiency. Also, do not forget to bring all ingredients and equipment to complete the entire cleaning. 

A wet rag is a very ancient means to clean any floor or any other place, you might hear of it. Before going to deep cleaning, or dry cleaning, you can simply use the wet rag techniques if the home basement is lightly dusty!

Remove Debris:

Use the vacuum cleaner to remove all tiny debris and dust from the floor at first. You can also manually remove all larger debris using a manual mop.

Mop The Floor:

You can do two things here as you have both the dust mop and the wet mop. At first, use the dust mop to remove the dust from the floor. Though you have to use the vacuum cleaner to remove all dust, the dust mop could add more efficiency to clean precisely. 

Start wet mop using dish soap water/detergent water; once done with the dust mop, start wet mopping using soap water/detergent water. If your concrete base is in a poor state, you can use your garden hose pipe to spray water hardly all over the floor. 

Remove Stains:

Using the steel scrubber or A nylon-bristled brush can help you remove any stains spotted over it. You can also use hot water (mixing some detergent or soap) to apply the stain brush with the steel brush/floor scrubber/hard sponge.

It will help you bit to remove all stain. If still, the stain does not go away, you can use some concrete cleaning agent or use WD40 (my suggestion) to clean the stain from the non-porous surfaces. If you have a non porous surface on the basement try to seal it with dry cement or an effective sealant before using any applicants over there.

Remove Mold And Mildew:

There are several ways to clean a concrete basement floor, including commercial cleaners or natural ingredients. The best way to clean a concrete basement floor is to use a commercial-grade bleach and water solution(you can use TSP, Ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide to meet this purpose, but bleach is an easy option). 

This mixture helps to remove all mold and mildew from the floor. Mix it in a spray bottle and spray onto the floor. Don’t dilute the bleach solution for potential cleaning. After spraying, flooding the floor with water. The whole process will significantly reduce any mold or mildew on your basement materials while disinfecting the surface.

Reseal The Concrete:

Liquids spilled on concrete can cause it to break down and cause the surface to get pitted. This is why it’s vital to seal the concrete after cleaning it.

– Apply an acid etch sealant, which penetrates the surface and creates a new, glossy, protective layer of sealant

– Rinse with water

– Allow drying for 1-2 hours before walking on

– Use a floor brush or pressure washer to clean the surface

– Apply a sealer coat.

– Wait until it is dry before walking on it

– Repeat if needed

Different methods of How To Clean Dusty Concrete Basement Floor:

Cleaning floors with Trisodium Phosphate:

Trisodium Phosphate, or TSP, is an excellent cleaner for concrete floors. It is good to wear rubber gloves and eye protection when using TSP because it can be harmful if it comes in contact with skin or eyes.

Add one part TSP to four parts water in a bucket and mix well. Use a mop and cloth or sponge to apply the solution to the floor. Scrub with the grain of the wood, which will help remove dirt and grime from cracks in the boards. 

Next, use a mop and cloth or sponge to apply the solution to the floor. Scrub with the grain of the wood, not against it. For best results, use TSP mixed in warm water for tough jobs. Rinse with water. Mop up any excess water with a towel and then leave the floor dry to let it air out for several hours before walking on it again.

Cleaning the Concrete Basement with Ammonia:

Most people are surprised to learn that ammonia is great for cleaning concrete. It kills bacteria and leaves the floor looking shiny and new. Though hot or warm water also can kill the microbes in a certain amount, ammonia is the best agent to disinfectant the concrete surface.

The best thing about ammonia is that it’s often found in the kitchen, so you probably already have it on hand. You will need only the floor scrubbing pads or a mop to apply the ammonia over the floor. Surely ammonia will do most of the heavy lifting for you.

The first helpful tip is always to wear gloves when cleaning with ammonia because if you don’t, your hands will dry out. The second tip is not to overdo the ammonia because that can dry out your skin as well.

Cleaning Concrete Floor by my homemade cleaner:

To clean my dirty concrete floor, my cleaning solution is-2 cups of bleaching powder +quarter cup of ammonia+1/3 water +3/4 detergent/washing soda. Instead of bleach, you can also take baking soda, vinegar, TSP, Oxiclean powder. etc.

However, take the all said amount in a Mop Bucket. Apply this solution over a whole base. If needed, use a Nylon Scrub Brush to remove the rust stain. It is one of the strong cleaners which can clean the entire floor made with concrete.

Let me tell you one more experience of myself! I usually pour boiling water on the nonporous surfaces instead of using pressure washers as a part of the regular cleaning to avoid the musty smell from the whole floor (from the farthest corner to the nearest). Instead of using the concrete cleaner or other hose pipe washer, this process is pretty easy to make the concrete finish shiny and tidy!

So why do people usually pressure wash their heavy basement? Pressure wash is basically a special cleaning process, (be sure we do not suggest it for sealed concrete, due to heavy pressure, the sealed concrete may damage a bit!).

If you try to avoid the wet cleaning (depends on the dusty state of the basement though), you can use the shop vac. Using shop vac now becomes the popular means for dry cleaning any private or corporate floor. It’s a complete package by which you can avoid using a scrubbing brush to remove all loose dust particles, even without the assistance of hot water, high or mild cleaning detergent, and so on.

The advent of a shop vac is, you got an instant drying process after just removing the loose dirt! However, you can sprinkle bleaching powder and let it dry completely to set on the basement floor to reduce the microbes and odd odor!


How do I make my basement cozy?

You can make your basement cozy by installing a fireplace and adding a rug. You also can add some lamps and furniture for a more home-like feel. I want to add a big flower vase with some plastic flowers to make it home-like!

How can I make my basement less dusty?

You’ll need to seal up any holes and cracks that could let air in. You might also have a dusty basement if the ceiling is sloped (causing dust to fall) or if the basement is poorly lit. Fixing these two problems will help make your basement less dusty, but other ways to do it are. One is by installing a dehumidifier. You can also use a desiccant container to soak up moisture and trap dust particles. 

What do I do if my concrete floor is dusty?

Dusty concrete floors are a common problem. There are a few ways to fix this, depending on the severity of the problem. One way is to use chemical cleaners and sealers that get rid of any dust and then seal the floor, so it doesn’t happen again. Another option is to install a new floor with an anti-dust coating.

How do you clean an unsealed concrete basement floor?

A high-pressure washer is the best way to clean an unsealed concrete floor. This will remove all the dirt and grime built up over time. You can use a detergent with bleach, or if you want to be more environmentally friendly, you can use vinegar and water. 

Does OxiClean clean concrete?

Yes, it can. Oxiclean is a sodium percarbonate powder. You will need to mix it into the water to clean your concrete. Once applied over the concrete floor, you will have to wait 30 minutes to complete the cleaning.

Can you use baking soda to clean concrete?

Baking soda can be used to clean a variety of surfaces. Its abrasive properties make it an excellent option for scrubbing away tough grime and stains, so it can be used to clean concrete.

How much does it cost to clean a dirty concrete basement?

It is nearly about $356. Your location has a massive impact on the price because it determines the cost of labor wages, equipment, utilities, and supplies. The size of your basement is another determining factor; the larger it is, the more costly it is to clean with professional assistance.

In a nutshell

So there are many ways we have included here by which you can clean a dusty basement. We hope these ideas will help you start a deep cleaning project today. So, whatever, if you read our article thoroughly, you now know how to clean dusty concrete basement floor! Am I assuming right? Yea, I am!

Lastly, We encourage you to like this post if it has been helpful for you and your basement floors.

Thank you.

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